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Collection work

Lintire collects tires with a tailor made solution that enables its customers to dispose correctly of their tires.

Superior Logistics


All collected passenger car tires are unloaded at our sorting lines in Vianen. These are then inspected by our experts.

40+ Years Experience

Re-use of selected tires

Our experts assess and determine the tire status. They redirect tires to recirculation or recycling.

International re-use market

Quick Orders

Our fleet of trucks and our ideal position enables us to reach our clients fast.



We employ best-in-class experts to assess and audit each and every tyre that we collect.


Active Communication

Our teams are available around the clock for your fleet and needs.


Sustainability partner

Disposing tyres in an environmentally sound and productive manner.

Welcome to Lintire

Founded in 1981, Lintire is an internationally-operating company specialised in collecting and processing worn passenger car tires in a circular model.

With increasing global demand, our commercial network is growing at a fast pace. Our reputation for quality and reliability are the main drivers of our growth alongside our expertise and the trust bestowed upon us by our clients. 

Our advanced administrative system, RecyBEM, enables to lower the operational burden of our tire specialists and automatically provides the opportunity of green participation to all involved stakeholders. 

Being a Lintire client, means having your worn car tires processed, thus reducing global CO2 emissions and recycling of valuable raw resources.

We are a VACO-approved tire collection company and ISO-9001 certified. Furthermore, we are TÜV-certified in Germany and Recytire-certified in Belgium.

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Who are your clients?

Our clients consist mostly of individual vehicle owners, fleet owners and tyre specialists. If you are curious to know whether Lintire can fulfill your needs, reach out to us in the contact section.

What is the Kargro Group?

The Kargro Group is a leading actor on the tyre market since 1968. Its entire business model is focussed on the principles of the circular economy.

What type of tires do you trade, retread and shred?

From passenger cars to trucks & complex vehicles, we trade and retread all types of tires. We do so with the same consistent methodology.

What People Say

100% Satisfied Clients

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner, look no further."

Hajo van der Beek, Ultra Tyre International

For years now, Lintire has enabled us to process our tire waste in a sustainable manner. We consider Lintire a reliable partner and plan on working together for many more years to come!

Current job openings

In this section you find all our current job opening. If you have any questions or want to apply for a different function? Feel free to contact us via info@kargro.nl.

Vianen, Utrecht, NL
Container Driver - Lintire
Vianen, Utrecht, NL
Tyre examinator - Lintire
Vianen, Utrecht, NL
All-round Maintenance Technician - Lintire