Kargro Group

Welcome to the Kargro Group

The Kargro Group is a leading actor on the tyre market since 1968. Its entire business model is focussed on the principles of a circular economy. The businesses of the group focus on providing a complete set of solutions to the tyre life cycle and specifically to the End-of-Life phase of the tyre. From producing retreads to recycling non-fit tyres, the Kargro Group contributes to market innovation, sustainability and most importantly to improving the safety of the European Tyre Market. 

With quality & performance at its heart and sustainability amongst its core values, the Kargro Group operates through four subsidiaries that are focussed on every phase of the cycle. In order to know more about this cycle, watch the film below or visit the Kargro Group website.

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Kargro Banden

Kargro Banden Selects and approves demounted commercial truck tires from tire specialists and transport companies. The company purchases casings that are suitable for retreading.


Lintire specialises in collecting used passenger car tires from specialists and re-trades them after a thorough quality check.

Tyre Plan Europe

Tyre Plan Europe is the retreading division of the group. All approved casings by the group go through its factories in order to be retreaded with the Bandag, UBO or Marangoni process.

Kargro Recycling

Kargro Recycling receives scrap tires from Lintire and Kargro Banden for processing. Kargro Recycling subsequently processes scrap tires into granulates and fine powders, which are reused in various applications. In addition, high-quality steel from tires is recovered and sold to iron smelters.