We offer a complete range of services

Collection work

Lintire collects tires with a tailor made solution that enables its customers to dispose correctly of their tires.

Superior Logistics


All collected passenger car tires are unloaded at our sorting lines in Vianen. These are then inspected by our experts.

40+ Years Experience

Re-use of selected tires

Our experts assess and determine the tire status. They redirect tires to recirculation or recycling.

International re-use market
Quick Orders

Our fleet of trucks and our ideal position enables us to reach our clients fast.


We employ best-in-class experts to assess and audit each and every tire that we collect.

Active Communication

Our teams are available around the clock for your fleet and needs

Sustainability partner

Disposing tires in an environmentally sound and productive manner.


  • Green & superior logistics
  • Proven track-record
  • Circular products en services

Lintire collects worn passenger car tires from large and small tire specialists all over the Netherlands. With our years in logistic experience, we provide a customised service to each client and serve them in a rapid and efficient process. Furthermore, working with Euro 6 trucks enables us to facilitate an environmentally friendly transport.

Our advanced administrative system, RecyBEM, enables a lower burden on tire specialists and automatically a green participation by all the involved stakeholders. 

Being a Lintire client, means having your worn car tires processed, thus reducing global CO2 emissions and recycling of valuable raw resources.

We are a VACO-approved tire collection company and ISO-9001-certified. Furthermore, we are TÜV-certified in Germany and Recytire-certified in Belgium.  

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