Collection work

Collection Work

Lintire collects worn passenger car tires from all over the Netherlands. It does so in a lean, structured and environmentally friendly process. Three key elements are present in our process. The systems, the logistics and processing capacity.

  • Superior Logistics
  • RecyBEM System
  • Tailored Solutions

RecyBEM, we are BEM OK!

In order to ease the burden for tire specialists, Lintire uses RecyBEM (Band en Milieu, the Dutch Tire and Environment Association). Using this system enables customers to automatically participate in the green and circular economy. What is more, our customers have adopted the predicate of 'BEM OK!'.

Superior green logistics 

Our logistics network and fleet enables quick and efficient transport, collection and customer satisfaction. With a built-up track record and our many years of market experience, Lintire is known for its fast exchange of empty and full containers at tire specialists across The Netherlands.

Powered by 25 meter long Euro 6 trucks, our in-house logistics department maintains a complete environmentally friendly transport operation. This is done by avoiding unnecessary driving with the ability of simultaneously transporting three containers on one lorry. 

Processing capacity and container transport 

Lintire thrives to deliver tailor-made solutions to all of its customers. In fact, we operate with six-meter containers and tire racks that can be deployed at the request of our customers and tire specialists. These are designed to ease and optimise the loading and unloading process. 

During exchanges and transport, these containers are placed on our trailers, and when arriving in Vianen, they are directly unloaded onto the sorting lines. It is there that we have seven sorting lines to process used tires. We have the operational excellence and ability to process all tires immediately after arrival.

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Who are your clients?

Our clients consist mostly of individual vehicle owners, fleet owners and tyre specialists. If you are curious to know whether Lintire can fulfill your needs, reach out to us in the contact section.

What is the Kargro Group?

The Kargro Group is a leading international actor in the circular tyre processing industry. The group, which consists of 4 key-operating companies, is focused on the circular processing of demounted truck and passenger car tyres to preserve the planet and enable the future of the tyre industry.

What type of tires do you trade, retread and shred?

From passenger cars to trucks & complex vehicles, we trade and retread all types of tires. We do so with the same consistent methodology. Within the Kargro Group, we offer a series of services that can befit your needs and requirements, please take a look at

Have any question for us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

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All collected passenger car tires are unloaded at our sorting lines in Vianen. These are then inspected by our experts.

40+ Years Experience

Re-use of selected tires

Our experts assess and determine the tire status. They redirect tires to recirculation or recycling.

International re-use market