Founded in 1981, Lintire is an international company specialised in collecting and processing worn passenger car tires by means of a circular model. With increasing global demand, our commercial network is growing at a fast pace. Our reputation for quality and reliability are the main drivers of our growth alongside our expertise and the trust bestowed upon us by our clients. 

Lintire collects worn passenger car tires from tire specialists in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We process used tires in a circular way and our recycling factory saves the same amount of CO2 emissions as a million trees can absorb in one year. Therefore, we invite all tire specialists to have their used tires recycled with our circular process, and thus to contribute to cleaner and more circular industries. 

Lintire was the first operation in the world to process tires in a circular way. For this process, the collaboration won Limburg's INNOVAWARD in 2015 and the Dutch Automotive Innovation Award in February 2017. The jury report announcement: “This innovation recycles tires using the raw materials recovered from recycled tires as a sustainable resource. The inability to recycle used tires, which was until now a serious environmental and social problem, has now been solved by Lintire. It is the start of a successful business.”

The fundamental impact realised by the Kargro Group and Lintire has increased on a year-on-year basis. In fact, Kargro Recycling has now the ability to provide tens of different applications with the rubbers and steel obtained from recycling tires.

Collection Work

Lintire collects tires with a tailor made solution that enables all of its customers to dispose correctly of their tires. We work with Euro 6 engined 25 meter long trucks to facilitate transport in an environmentally friendly way. Our logistics are organised and optimised to satisfy our environmental and customer satisfaction goals.


All collected passenger car tires are unloaded at our sorting lines in Vianen. These are then inspected by our experts and deemed suitable for reuse, retreading or shredding. If the inspectors sends a tire to be recycled, it is shredded and transported to Kargro Recycling in Nederweert.

Re-use of selected tires

Once the selection process has been performed, the tires are made available for the reuse market or recycled for their valuable elements. 

International Commercial Network

Having established our presence in key markets across the globe, our commercial network keeps on expanding. Lintire stands for quality and reliability by providing clients with quality certified products and deliveries powered by superior logistics. 

Current job openings

In this section you find all our current job opening. If you have any questions or want to apply for a different function? Feel free to contact us via

Vianen, Utrecht, NL
Tyre examinator - Lintire
Vianen, Utrecht, NL
All-round Maintenance Technician - Lintire