We save more Co2 than
one million trees per year.

Every year, a total of 1 billion End of Life Tires (E.L.T.) are generated. Over a billion used tires per year are burnt in furnaces around the world. This results in enormous environmental damages and valuable material waste. Materials such as Carbon Black, oil, gas and steel are lost due to the lack of resources deployed against this. Disposing of these tires in an environmentally sound and productive manner is a high priority goal of the global tire business. Various regional initiatives have been launched to address this issue supported by government authorities, individual tire manufactures, and the broader tire industry.

At Lintire, we have decided to invest our efforts and resources to combat this. We recycle tires and fight the waste. All components we save and recycle can be used to manufacture new tires, tinctures, steel and other industrial products.

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Which materials are saved through tyre recycling?

The main materials that can be extracted from a non-fit tires are mostly located in the casing. By means of a thorough process carried out by Kargro Recycling, we have the ability to extract metals, oil, rubber and plastic. These materials are then put back into use. Please visit their website to see more.

Why reuse should be part of your strategy?

Our experts are the best-in-class proffessionals in Tire Assessment, if they deem that tires ought to be re-circulated on the market for re-use, it means that these are safe. All industries have a tendency to ignore the waste produced by discarding tires. Lintire ensures safe and quality grading tires, but above all a greener world.


Alongside investments, Lintire has devoted a great deal of effort into new projects, de-vulcanisation and university collaborations. An example of this is the joint-venture between Lintire and the University of Twente. If you are interested in collaborating with us, reach out.