Re-use of selected tires

Re-use of selected tires

Once the selection process has been performed, the tires are made available for the reuse market or will be recycled for their valuable elements. 

  • International re-use market
  • Best-in-class solutions
  • Circular products with diverse applications

Optimised tire re-distribution on international market

After that the tires eligible for re-use have been classified and stored into the various warehouses on Lintire’s premises, they are made ready for international export to our customers throughout diverse markets. 

Orders are loaded into container trucks for immediate delivery to customers worldwide. Upon request, tires can be doubled (2 in 1) or tripled for worldwide overseas transport. Done with machinery, the doubling or tripling of tires enables an efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly supply chain for our customers.

Shredding rejected tires and producing circular products

The tires that have not been approved by the experts for reuse are processed by shredders. In fact, Lintire has two shredders for continuous processing of rejected tires into shreds. Once the tires are shredded, two conveyor belts re-direct the shreds into containers. These containers are then transported by Lintire trucks to Kargro Recycling.  

At Kargro Recycling, complex technology is employed to separate the milled rejected rubber tires (shreds) into steel, rubber granulates and rubber powders. These circular products are then redeployed in numerous industries and have quite some diverse applications. 

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Frequently Asked

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Who are your clients?

Our clients consist mostly of individual vehicle owners, fleet owners and tyre specialists. If you are curious to know whether Lintire can fulfill your needs, reach out to us in the contact section.

What is the Kargro Group?

The Kargro Group is a leading international actor in the circular tyre processing industry. The group, which consists of 4 key-operating companies, is focused on the circular processing of demounted truck and passenger car tyres to preserve the planet and enable the future of the tyre industry.

What type of tires do you trade, retread and shred?

From passenger cars to trucks & complex vehicles, we trade and retread all types of tires. We do so with the same consistent methodology. Within the Kargro Group, we offer a series of services that can befit your needs and requirements, please take a look at

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Collection work

Lintire collects tires with a tailor made solution that enables its customers to dispose correctly of their tires.

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All collected passenger car tires are unloaded at our sorting lines in Vianen. These are then inspected by our experts.

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